Photo by Jim Macdonald


“You introduced me the the magical world of dance.  Through your teaching I have learned to harness a sense of peace within myself each week because of all the great time I have spent at the studio. You have given me profound sense of love and appreciation for the world through a perspective I may never have know without you.  The world is so much more fun when you can dance!”    Eliza Szuch, NDT Graduate

“When I think about tomorrow it seems surreal, how can it be over in one day? What I have been coming to realize is that I may have to say goodbye to a place, but I will never have to say goodbye to the people who made it home.  Monday nights will soon feel empty without six o’clock ballet but my heart is filled with love and memories of the people who made that class so special.  You taught me respect and discipline.  You showed me how to challenge myself and strive for improvement even when I had given up.  So tomorrow I will open and close three shows and stand on the side for curtain call, an honor I have always hoped to receive. I will step onto the stage one last time and remember all the good that has come from a place filled with love.”     Olivia, NDT Graduate

“This is a small token of thanks for instilling the love of dance in our daughter!  She had a wonderful year and we can not thank you enough.”         Paul W., NDT Father

“You’re the best.  I have always been inspired by your vision.”  Current NDT Teacher

“Wow, twenty years!  You have had our girls for at least half of that time and have had a very positive influence in their lives.  You have a gift of making every dancer feel great.  We cannot thank you enough for the tremendous impact you have had on our daughters!”     The Bolinger Family

“Thank you so much for always being patient with me.  You instilled a new dancer confidence in me and for that I will forever be grateful.”   Erica Richmond, NDT Student


To speak to a Needham Dance Theatre family about our program please contact us.  We are happy to provide you with referrals.

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