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AT THE NEEDHAM DANCE THEATRE, we offer a full range of dance classes for our students. Please refer to the schedule for a complete list. The best way to select a class is to speak with us directly. 781.449.5585

Class Attire

BALLET A traditional ballet class that focuses on age-appropriate classical technique set in an enjoyable, supportive atmosphere. Students learn graceful flow of movement, proper posture and respect for the art form. (What to Wear: black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers)

JAZZ Students learn contemporary dance style set to popular music. Jazz emphasizes coordination and flexibility, rhythm and musicality as well as freedom of movement and self-expression. (What to Wear: Suntan tights or black jazz pants, black leotard and tan jazz shoes)


HIP HOP A popular urban-influenced dance style which encourages freedom of movement and individual expression to even the most inexperienced dance student; set to today’s current and sometimes “edgy” music. (What to Wear: comfortable dance clothes, black Hip Hop sneakers)

BALLET/ TUMBLE A child’s early dance experience includes the fundamentals of ballet and creative movement through imaginative dance and basic tumbling, such as forward and backward rolls and introduction to cartwheels This beginner class is presented in a positive, age-appropriate manner. (What to Wear: Pink tights, black leotard and pink ballet slippers)

BALLET/JAZZ Our special program for the dancer who respects the traditional beauty of ballet but also craves the up-beat, contemporary style of jazz. This class is the best of both worlds! (What to Wear: Pink tights, black leotard, pink ballet slippers and tan jazz shoes)

BALLET/TAP Forty minutes of ballet then a change of pace—twenty minutes of beginner tap rhythms, progressions across the floor and basic tap choreography. (What to Wear: Pink tights, black leotard, pink ballet slippers and black tap shoes)

Photo by Josh Levine

INTERMEDIATE BALLET Our Intermediate Ballet program offers the serious ballet student sound technical instruction. Material becomes increasingly challenging throughout the session. Intermediate students develop strength, coordination and elegance that will be theirs for a lifetime. (What to Wear: Pink tights, black leotard and pink ballet slippers)

INTERMEDIATE JAZZ Our Intermediate Jazz program is for our more experienced jazz students. This class will include challenging choreography and the opportunity for technical growth. We strongly encourage all Intermediate jazz students to take Ballet in addition to their Jazz class(es). (What to Wear: black leotard, black jazz pants and tan jazz shoes)

JAZZ/HIP HOP Students learn both Jazz and Hip Hop in one class! Jazz, a contemporary dance style, emphasizes coordination and flexibility, rhythm and musicality. Hip Hop with its popular urban-influenced style will focus on freedom of movement and individuality set to today’s current and sometimes “edgy” music.   This is a very fun, upbeat class that requires no prior experience. (What to wear: Black leotard, suntan tights or black jazz pants and black dance sneakers)

JAZZ/TAP If you think Tap looks fun, it is! This high-energy class consists of basic jazz and tap rhythms, traveling steps and winds up with spirited choreography designed to sharpen coordination and musicality. (What to Wear: Suntan tights or black jazz pants, black leotard, black tap shoes and tan jazz shoes)

CONTEMPORARY (MODERN) is a style that centers on a dancer’s own interpretations instead of structured steps, as in traditional ballet and will include movements that are more relaxed and free in feel. Make no mistake this is a class with a clear routine that develops bodily strength and coordination; students will grow inside as well as out. (What to wear: Comfortable clothing and bare feet)

POINTE This class is geared to our advanced ballet students. A portion of the class will consist of supported Pointe work at the barre. It will also include unsupported technique and progressions across the floor. Director’s approval is required to attend.

ACRO Students will be trained in acrobatic gymnastic skills such as, cartwheels, roundoffs, front and back walkovers, front and back handsprings, saltos and aerials. Each student will be encouraged to progress at their own level and challenge themselves according to their experience and strength. (What to wear: Suntan tights, black leotard and bare feet.)

PLEASE NOTE: All students must pull longer hair back off of face.

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